Upgrade From Pen and Ink

Upgrade From Pen and Ink

Making hard copies of the digital world in Natchez, MS

Wheter you're page orienting, to read a physical book, flip through the pages of a photo album or fold up a flier and put it in your pocket for later. Despite the speed at which we are converting media into a digital format, a need for documents in physical form still exists. D&L Allgood sells Lexmark and HP printers, and can help you connect your printer to your computer or network.

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Pick the right printer for your lifestyle

There are many different printers to choose from, and they don’t seem too much different from one another, but their price tags and functions differ greatly. Consider what type of printer fits your needs the most:

  • Photo printer – Do you cherish the memories of past events with stacks of physical copies and photos? A photo printer may be the right option for you, serving as an at-home alternative to making prints in a store.
  • Laser printer – Do you need a printer that can print large volumes at high speeds and high quality? A laser printer may be the device for you.
  • Inkjet printer – Do you need an all-purpose printer to print out term papers, spreadsheets, photos and other miscellaneous items? An inkjet printer may be the right option for you.

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