Who Else Needs a Computer That Actually Works?

Who Else Needs a Computer That Actually Works?

Comprehensive computer service in Natchez, MS

Your old, trusty computer is on its last leg. It’s much slower than it used to be, it has trouble running the new applications that everyone is talking about and you don’t have enough storage space to download any more programs. Bring your computer to D&L Allgood so we can diagnose your computer’s issues. We can determine if your computer is suffering from a virus, needs a few updates or additions or just needs to be put to rest.

D&L Allgood can repair your computer or offer you a variety of new desktops and laptops for purchase. We offer warranties on our computers, so you’re covered if your machine malfunctions.

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3 things to consider before buying your next computer

1. Size and weight – Do you need a portable laptop to take with you on the go? Or do you need something reliable that you can leave at home?
2. Processor – Do you need a fast processer to work with imaging and design software? Or will you be mostly using your computer for word processing and making presentations?
3. Warranty – Are you accident prone? Will you need to be covered for drops and spills?

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